Heavy Hitter Mr.800 Wows With New Album ‘Millionaire Dreams’

unnamed-3-5 Heavy Hitter Mr.800 Wows With New Album ‘Millionaire Dreams’

The final quarter of the music industry wraps up with a surge of new talents hitting the scene and Mr.800 is 1 of them. Headlining big stages this year including BET Experience and the A3C festival, the artist was able to solidify a solid fanbase of people who appreciate his music. 

Without the antics and just hard work, Mr.800 is reaching bigger opportunities by being his raw authentic self.

Growing up in an inner city of Ohio where he didn’t have a lot of opportunities, his mother did her best to raise him and his siblings. While his mother was working to make ends meet, the streets were also raising Mr.800 through situations he experienced and witnessed.

Mr. 800 is a rapper who is about authenticity. He is a firm believer in standing on his word, and being around others who follow the same principles. Not only as an artist, but as a man he stands for honesty, hard work and discipline. His music is a journey into his life growing up on the 800 block of Hutchins Avenue in Ohio, where he also adopted the street as his rap name.

His new album, ‘Millionaire Dreams’ paints the perfect picture of who he is, and where he came from. It is an authentic body of hip-hop that allows his fans to journey into some of the challenges he overcame to be blessed to make his music in the present day. Unable to dramatize his lyrics, he prides himself on writing what’s really going on in his life no matter how difficult of a situation it was to experience. His lyrical hard core sound, and his consistency is what sets him apart.

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