JaeMyth: The Next Big DJ Artist Out of The MidWest

IMG_4461 JaeMyth: The Next Big DJ Artist Out of The MidWest

JaeMyth was born on the Westside of St Paul, Minnesota where he grew up having  a love of playing sports and writing music. Much like any kid growing up in the late 80’s early 90’s he was exposed to what would be known today as the “Golden Years”  of Hip-Hop music. We all remember that era right. The MTV/VH1/BET days when those platforms would show music videos of all the hottest stars coming up and  breaking into the mainstream. Though JaeMyth got a well rounded experience of different types of music, JaeMyth’s ear leaned more towards hip-hop where he would begin to find himself and his own voice writing music at the age of 8 years old with the assistance of an older cousin by the name of WestMo. His cousin WestMo would be the one to give JaeMyth his own entire foundational sound, recording countless songs on a rigged up studio setup with all the beats being made by his cousin on a program called  Fruity Loops. Coming up when he didn’t have a lot of money, JaeMyth and his cousin would make a recording booth out of his closet and hang the mic from an old chandelier fixture in the house.

“Recording like that you had to rap your whole song from top to bottom beginning to end all in one take because you didn’t have the luxury to start and stop in the same place; you would have to start all over from the very beginning. From the ages of 8 to 18, he would then spend this time with his cousin developing his sound  and gaining strong lyrical rap skills to help strengthen his writing ability for music. In that 10 year time period JaeMyth would  become an artist whose midwest sound would find a home with west coast beats  and production due to his older cousins influence. Naturally, everything that came out of the west coast would catch JaeMyth’s ear with him being inspired by artists  like; Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Mac Dre, E-40, Snoop Dogg and the rest of the new-comers that would come from the west coast in the later 2000s like Nipsey Hussle and Snow Tha Product. Getting comfortable with this type of sound and music would lead JaeMyth to find a new sound in east coast rap music and he would later be  inspired by artists like: The Diplomats, Jay-Z, Fabolous, Bad Boy Records, Fat Joe, Big Pun,  DMX and midwest giant Tech N9ne. It was at this time and age he would begin to perform at live hip-hop events, venues, clubs, local shows and begin touring the midwest with a group of friends from the years of 2006 to 2020 under the label and group name MajorFlow Ent, now solely owned and operated by JaeMyth. In  the year 2016 he would go on to meet the most important person in his career while at a Snow Tha Product concert, DJ Pumba. DJ Pumba is the one who would help JaeMyth focus on a newer sound, one that wasn’t heard coming from JaeMyth before which would lead to their first song together “You Ain’t Used To”  produced by DJ Pumba. This song which was released in 2019 would later set the tone for them to create an EP called “CaliSota,” in  which all beats would be produced by DJ Pumba and all lyrics written by JaeMyth. This would also be the same year that after touring so much he would set out to create his own clothing line “Original WestSide Kid Apparel” and clothing design company “Hygher Frequency.” “After all that touring and having no merch, he was not going to go back out on tour again without merch so he purchased a heat press, a vinyl cutter and a laptop and got to it. In 2020 during the worldwide covid shutdown is when he would find a brotherhood and mentorship in one of Minnesota’s most popular DJs, DJ D-Mil. D-Mil’s mentorship and  business savvy guidance is what would lead to JaeMyth becoming the next big DJ/ Artist coming out of the midwest. D-Mil would be the one to begin showing him how  to gain DJ equipment, book gigs, obtain weekly residencies in clubs, bars, venues etc.

004A9735 JaeMyth: The Next Big DJ Artist Out of The MidWest

004A9735 JaeMyth: The Next Big DJ Artist Out of The MidWest

JaeMyth shadowed D-Mill for a year just watching him and helping out every single time he had an event. He really had to earn his way with his mentor and show he was trustworthy, nothing was just given to him,” JaeMyth had said, he knew D-Mill  from performing at big shows on the local scenes as well as going to D-Mills events so naturally they connected. Now just 3 years into his DJ career, JaeMyth is still creating, writing, and releasing music like his most recent hit produced by DJ Pumba titled “On Tonight,” a newly flipped song originating from Montell Jordans’ “Get It On Tonight,” is when JaeMyth decided he was going to be the DJ and fuse both roles of rap artist and dj together. This is when he would meet and obtain another mentor from Boston by the name Mr. Peter Parker, a strong minded radio and music business genius who would be the one to push and challenge JaeMyth so he could have a solid music career going forward. “These three have become a vital part to the ways he has been moving in this present time, JaeMyth also has a channel on Twitch where he broadcasts Wednesdays from 6:00pm to 11:00pm US central time.

JaeMyth – It’s On Tonight (Spotify)

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