Meet Calgary’s Rising Sonic Maestro Smio

IMG_3373-1-375x500 Meet Calgary's Rising Sonic Maestro Smio

In the midst of the music scene’s rich tapestry, one artist shines bright—a hidden gem waiting to captivate audiences. Enter Smio, the soulful singer-songwriter hailing from Calgary. Since spinning lyrical tales at age 19, he’s forged a path, amassing a remarkable 1 million streams across various platforms before hitting 24. His single “Better Off Alone” wove a magnetic spell, racking up over 494,000 streams on Spotify alone.

But Smio isn’t just about making music; he’s a mentor, guiding the next generation of artists through their creative journeys. His influence goes beyond melodies, leaving a mark on HBO’s acclaimed series “The Last of Us,” showcasing his multifaceted presence in both music and film. His role as a location manager in Canada’s film industry adds another layer to his artistic identity.

Smio’s music blends the evocative lyricism of Ed Sheeran with Anderson East’s soulful resonance, resonating deeply with his audience. Each track, a captivating symphony, draws listeners into a world painted by his melodies and wordplay.

Whispers in the music world suggest a collaboration brewing between Smio and Toronto’s rising star, Dylan Joshua, set for release in 2024. This alliance of creative forces holds the promise to redefine contemporary hip-hop and catapult Smio further toward stardom.

As 2024 approaches, the spotlight shines brightly on Smio, an artist set to make a mark in the Canadian music industry. Keep your ears open; Smio’s musical evolution is on the horizon, poised to reverberate throughout the industry. We here at HipHopSince1987 are eager to witness the rise of this emerging R&B sensation.

You can listen to Smio below:

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