“Just Be a Gee” Unites 17 Diverse Artists in a Musical Showcase of Leadership and Unity

A groundbreaking collaboration has emerged from the depths of the music industry, as “Just Be a Gee” hits all major music platforms today. This captivating track, performed and written by a collective of 17 remarkably talented artists, showcases not only their musical prowess but also their exceptional leadership and unity across the nation.

Hailing from various corners of the United States, each artist brings a unique flavor and perspective to “Just Be a Gee”:

Djs Link to the track: https://s.disco.ac/gkkqncfhvjad

TheReal AllCity from South Central LA
ComptonBig2DaBoy representing Compton, California
Stacy.G LV based in Las Vegas, Nevada
52savega from Dallas, Texas, Oak Cliff
LiLKano, with roots in Houston, Texas, and Louisiana
Mr.NoWeapon, IketheRueler, Teflon Don, JenGoddess, and GurburTheGod from Minnesota
TheofficialShayDaboss from Detroit
KaleDaQue representing Ohio
Sleep Walkin STL from Charlotte, North Carolina
Rey Pilegro hailing from Tampa, Florida
Roi Lush from the suburbs of Philly, PA

Produced by the renowned Blaq Thompson, and with executive production overseen by Bigg Feva, the CEO of Primary Entertainment International, “Just Be a Gee” is not just a song but a testament to the power of collaboration and artistic expression. Presented by the NerveDJs and Bigg Feva, this project promises to captivate audiences worldwide.

“This collaboration represents the essence of unity and creativity,” says Bigg Feva. “Each artist brings their own unique voice and perspective, creating something truly special.”

“Just Be a Gee” is now available on all major music platforms, inviting listeners to experience the magic of unity and leadership through the power of music.

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