Maria V. Nutovich: A Rising Star with a Story to Tell

ghbn-500x332 Maria V. Nutovich: A Rising Star with a Story to Tell

Meet Maria V. Nutovich, a 20-year-old artist hailing from Maple Grove, Minnesota, whose journey from the Midwest to the heart of the entertainment industry in Los Angeles is as captivating as her music. Originally a professional dancer, Maria transitioned seamlessly into singing and songwriting, fulfilling a destiny she had envisioned since her early teenage years.

Maria’s roots in the Twin Cities shaped her musical inclinations from a young age. Surrounded by the arts at a music school throughout her adolescent life, she absorbed inspiration that would later manifest in her diverse and soulful sound.

One of Maria’s most remarkable achievements is her ability to confront and manage anxiety, particularly her experience with panic disorder since high school. While she acknowledges that it remains a constant challenge, her resilience and the therapeutic power of music have played a significant role in her journey.

As a songwriter, Maria draws inspiration from everyday life, often finding muse in the people she encounters. Whether it’s a chance meeting at a local gas station or a fleeting moment in a coffee shop, her songs reflect the rich tapestry of human experiences.

For Maria, the purpose behind her music lies in the freedom of interpretation. She encourages listeners to take away from her songs whatever their hearts desire, believing that the beauty of music lies in its subjective and personal impact.

Driven by a love for writing and performing, Maria finds purpose in the adrenaline rush of being on stage. Beyond personal fulfillment, she aspires to make a lasting impact on her audience, aiming to create music that resonates and connects with others, much like the songs that have saved her.

Maria’s greatest achievement to date is the recognition of her latest song, selected for a music video by a prestigious production company. However, she hints at even more exciting projects on the horizon, including an EP titled “Handling Hurt” slated for release in 2024, promising a fresh wave of emotion-packed melodies.

Her music process is as eclectic as her influences, with inspiration often stemming from life’s highs and lows. Whether fueled by frustration, drawn from personal experiences, or inspired by observing others, Maria’s songwriting captures the raw essence of human emotion.

Looking ahead, Maria envisions collaborations with the younger generation of artists who have been making waves in the industry. While she can’t choose just one, her admiration for their talent is evident, reflecting the collaborative spirit that defines the evolving landscape of music.

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