Matic M.A. Officially Announces His Latest Single, “Mixed Emotions”

MaticMa_press-release_April-2024-500x500 Matic M.A. Officially Announces His Latest Single, “Mixed Emotions”

Matic M.A.’s highly anticipated newest single is now available on major music streaming including Spotify

Matic M.A. has announced the release of his newest single, “Mixed Emotions”. The newly dropped single has already received more than 14,000 listens on Spotify alone.

Matic M.A. is the most well-known rapper to hail from Greensboro, North Carolina. In 2020, He released ‘Beast in Carolina 2’. In 2022, he released two albums, ‘Og Matic 2’ and ‘Covid19 2 the Delta Variant, and a standalone single, “The World Is Mine”. Then, in 2023, Matic M.A. dropped ‘Carolina Raised 2’. Matic M.A. has

also reached people across the country with his mixtape, ‘Beast in Carolina’. This mixtape is hosted by the legendary DJ Rio, aka Mario Sutton. To date, Matic M.A. has more than 3 million Spotify plays and 100k+ YouTube views. His phenomenal success lies in his ability to put a twist on hip hop and rap as the modern generation sees it to create a flawless and fresh sound.

Possessing an innate musicality that can’t be matched, Matic M.A. is leaving his mark on the rap and hip hop industry with a signature, authentic style that continues to generate more and more fans each day. “Mixed Emotions”, produced by Mazarati Breeze, showcases Matic M.A.’s rap prowess with lyrics and a beat that reverberates. Once listeners hear “Mixed Emotions”, they will be left wanting more.

Matic M.A.’s authenticity is unparalleled and lends to a genuine nature that his fans absolutely love. Matic M.A. takes a tenacious approach to music that has earned him a fan base that continues to grow. Learn more about Matic M.A. and listen to “Mixed Emotions” by following him on Instagram @_gwopboymatic, Facebook @Matic Tay Jeffries, and Spotify. The full lyrics for “Mixed Emotions” can be found at


Matic M.A. is rewriting the rules of modern hip hop with an authentic sound all of his own. To date, he boasts 3+ million Spotify plays and 100,000+ YouTube views.


Matic M.A.
Instagram: @_gwopboymatic
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