Meet Young Ash one of the hottest female Bronx artist

IMG_4761-331x500 Meet Young Ash one of the hottest female Bronx artist

Meet Young Ash, a Bronx-born force that transcends boundaries and shatters expectations. This proud 1995 Bronx Baby is breaking barriers, by being authentic, unapologetic, and urging women to embrace their unfiltered strength.

Young Ash is not confined by borough borders, she’s a global vibe curator infusing innovation into every beat. Her music, a dynamic journey from dancehall to trap, R&B to rap, crafts a sonic experience tailored for hyper-crazy parties or solo cruises. A conscious artist, she embraces the evolving melody of emotions, giving herself the freedom to transform in every note.

Buckle up because Young Ash is more than an artist; proving how great she is with freestyles like “Big Bronx Energy” and “Turn me on”.. She’s an experience, compelling you to feel the power of her undeniable presence. A young female voice emboldening woman, she’s the real deal, drawing inspiration from strong women like Trina and Nicki Minaj, and legendary figures like Biggie and Jay-Z. With her no-nonsense attitude and a fresh, dope way of storytelling. Get ready for a journey – this is Young Ash.

You can follow Young Ash on her social media @missyoungash and check out her music on YouTube @YoungAsh

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