Melodies of the Windy City: Dot’s Decade-Long Sonic Tale from Chicago’s Westside

Screenshot-2024-01-13-220221-305x500 Melodies of the Windy City: Dot's Decade-Long Sonic Tale from Chicago's Westside

Hailing from the Westside of Chicago, Dot is an artist who thrives on originality and refuses to follow trends. He sees artistry as a blend of boldness, creativity, and innovation, characteristics he embodies in his music.

Dot’s musical roots trace back to the influences of Biggie, Wayne, and Nicki, shaping his distinctive sound. However, his motivation goes beyond music, drawing strength from those who doubted him, pushing him to work harder.

In his decade-long musical journey, Dot has explored various talents, not just in rap but also in singing, dancing, catering with “Hawkstyle Creations,” and hosting the “Let Me Talk” podcast. His foray into acting, with appearances on shows like “Empire” and “The Chi,” adds another layer to his diverse portfolio.

Starting with his 2014 mixtape “Legendary,” Dot’s evolution as an artist is evident in subsequent projects like “Hawk Time Part 1,” “Hawk Time Part 2,” and “Humble But Haughty Vol 1.” His performances across the United States, including a spot on Remy Ma’s “Chrome 23,” showcase his wide-reaching impact.

Now working on his upcoming project, “Thought It Was Over,” Dot’s journey is a testament to his resilience and multifaceted creativity, proving that he’s more than just a musician; he’s an artistic force shaping his own path.

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