Minnesota Rapper BabyBoyy Creating Buzz In The Twin Cities With His Impressive Flow And Catalog

Minnesota rising musician BabyBoyy TTG has been creating buzzing in the metro area with his flow and sound. His project BabyBoyy “Sleazy Flow Remix / GG2” remix surpassed 100k streams on digital music platforms which gain his industry recognition. 

BabyBoyy is from Minneapolis, Minnesota raised growing up as a kid. The city of Minneapolis is known for their sports teams and malls, but the music scene is emerging quickly and BabyBoyy TTG is making sure he’s part of it. 

When did you decide to get into music ? 

My 1st time ever doing music was around the time I was 15 years old. My dawg country always rapped and was always around me than my cousin Infrared. Generally, was damn near homeless, and on the run from the police so he moved in with us. He introduced me to music, bringing his studio equipment to the basement. So I always been around music since 15-16 years old. Taking it some what seriously, I’ll say in the last 2 years. 

The most challenging thing I had to overcome ??

Losing my brothers and waking up not crashing out still doing everything that need to be done. Stand up standing on business.

 When did you actually start producing and dropping music official ?

 Taking it some what seriously, I’ll say in the last 2 years.

Are you currently signed to a label I of have any pending deals ? 

I’m independent, like really independent the hard way but pride myself off the growth and fan base I have gained on my own without a label. That lets me know whatever I’m doing is right and small supporter system will overly all take me to the top. 

Who inspired you the most to get into music or do music ? 

I’ll say to all rappers when I see them mainstream rappers or local rappers popping popping they stuff and making a name for themselves, it motivate me to go harder. I ain’t gone hate on no artist doing them. I feel like I'm Boosie or Kevin, gates even sometimes   Rod Wave, cause of my flow and sound I created after losing a love one. 

What’s do people take away from your music ?

I want who supports me to know they ain’t the only one that feels like that or going through hard times. Im just identifying, like damn, he feels like me. I ain’t the only one. It’s a big world out here, but people are lonely. Like when you hear my mixtape (walk wit me), it’s dropping soon. I'm aiming to have a person that doesn’t live the life we live like a mother, a grandfather, somebody that did better with their choices. To understand myself, me to understand a person like me, to show me, yeah, we whatever you think of us, but I’m also human too. I have feelings for people who say they don’t. I’m Baby Boy. I’ll never change who I am. I'll die like that. Walk wit me mixtape gone show that.

 What is Your greatest achievement as a musician ? 

I just dropped two videos “Prevented” and “OneUhNem” out now on YouTube on all platforms which surpassed over 100k stream and I haves over 500k stream there my music catalog and for a small time artist from Minneapolis Minnesota that’s definitely an achievement.  My greatest achievement with music, was learning it early on the business side though it ain’t fun, but knowing and learning that threw the door. it’s a business…

Do you produce and engineer your own music ?

Majority of the music I produce is still me learning what I like and don’t like. I’m open to all producers who really want to build. But I normally go to studio session and work with local and out of state people. 

Who is one artist you wish you could work  with and why ? 

I’ll say “Dula Monsta” from Minnesota free him from prison “FreeDawg” fast way. I wish we would have knocked out that song we was pose to do when I was going on trial. My brother MOOK would have loved that for US.

  I got two tapes Onna way (walk wit me). It’s all a pain, really just introducing myself. The 1st tape, but I ain’t holding back. Give it to me Raw. The second mixtape called (GlitchTalk) all turns up the lingo of the lifestyle I’m BopnMyShit on that one. I ain’t got no dates set. I know to walk wit me dropping soon, soon tho like month or two maybe sooner… 

The day in my life is waking up being thankful for that alone where I come from. Got to get some money to make sure the babies good standing on business.
Got brothers that ain’t here that I feel I’m entitled to take care of. Most important stay alive stay free don’t crash out.

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