Rapper Bizz the Prince Drops New Visual Called “I’m About It”

Biz-The-Prince-2024-500x500 Rapper Bizz the Prince Drops New Visual Called “I’m About It”

Bizz the Prince is starting where he left off in 2023 with a new visual for his single “I’m About It”.

Bizz the Prince and Jersey City producer Knoxx have teamed up to create the single “Im About It,” which is another anthem from the Bayonne, New Jersey rapper. The track is an addition to Bizz’s repertoire of dope lyrics, metaphors and phenomenal punchlines.

The lyrics and hook present a direct statement to the listeners and the mentality of Bizz the Prince in 2024. The track is unfiltered and directly addresses the audience of both loyal fans and those against the grainers in the competitive nature of Hip Hop.

“I’m About It” kicks off with a dope melodic intro and hook.


A dude like me bro- I love the game – I love the hustle – “I be feeling like one them ball playing cats like Le Bron or Steph or somethin”.


“I’m about the family I’m about the block, not about the haters over there throwing rocks, I’m about the money, cars and clothes I’m about the fans in the crowd at my shows, Yeah I’m about it all”.

The video is a complement to an arsenal of visuals released for the single. The “I’m About It” visual was filmed on the rooftop of an undisclosed location in Jersey with the iconic Prudential Center as a backdrop. Bizz also recently pulled up on the New Jersey based platform “Who Calls the Shorts” and performed a dope visual of “I’m About It” on a Jersey City block. Bizz continues his loyalty to his home state although Jersey is a rough market for Hip hop with Philly and New York holding the key to radio and club exposure.

Bizz the Prince “Who Calls the Shots”

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The lyrics are contrary to the body of visuals released by Bizz for the single. This is a trend for the Jersey rapper since signing a new deal in 2023. We asked Bizz  why no block videos fifty deep with the foreigns and models?

“I’m on my Grown Man” says Bizz,  when I signed my first deal my first thought was I’m bringing everyone with me. My entourage was crazy. Me and Rhasun (Dominion Hill Records President) gave hundreds of people work and creative input. A lot of positive came out of it and some negative. Big entourages brings bring problems and distractions. This go around I’m locked in on my business, my vision and keeping focused on my music and the big picture. I been here before I know the game the do’s and don’t so I move at my own speed. Nothing rushes my process I Know what it takes. I don’t chase it, everything falls into place with consistency and loyalty “Bizz the Prince”


“Line for line I do this day and night and plus I get Cudi – Kid, the soundtrack of my life is loyalty and getting money b#%%ch, All about dedication, I keep ‘em motivated, Misery loves company N#%%s always hated”

Bizz’s business team has been the same since he walked into the Hip hop business as a teenager. “The soundtrack of my life is loyalty and getting money” represents Bizz life and mentality in real time.

The single is available on all digital stores iTunes, Amazon Music, Tidal, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Spotify via Dominion Hill Records / EQ.

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Bizz the Prince “I’m About It” (Video)

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