Sariud Drops “Riud Gear” Album

Sariud is an eclectic indie Hip-Hop artist based in the Philadelphia area. Sariud is a multi talented artist, instrumentalist, and producer who has built up a very solid catalog of solo releases, collaborations, and outstanding work with the creative collective knows as the “Cooligans”. The indie music scene in Philly pulls inspiration from all type of genres and sub genres of music. Sariud puts a lot of those eclectic influences into making genre-defying music. The “Riud Gear” album showcases various talents and styles making a unique alternative album blending together Hip Hop with electronic elements. The trippy soundscapes pair well with more of Sariud’s lyrical offerings, some of which are streaming after the jump. Check out the “Ruid Gear” project below and stay tuned for more music from Sariud soon here on!

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