Sassy Stizha is Making Waves in the Music Industry

Her name is An’nastizha Bowers, and her stage name is Sassy Stizha. She hails from Youngstown, Ohio, and is a rapper whose skills can be compared to those of Missy Elliot, Cardi B, and Gorilla. She dreams of collaborating with Gorilla, Missy Elliot, Skilla Baby, Lil Boosie, and Iva. Her first performance was in Atlanta, where she won first place, and she felt excited and happy about it, although she wished her father could have been there to witness her shine. According to her, young artists do not receive enough credit and exposure from the world. One of her most memorable performances was when she did a show on Easter weekend, and her fans showered her with bracelets and gifts. She aims to make more statements and keep climbing to the top in the short term and make it on the radio worldwide in the long run. She feels excited when grown people know her music and is driven to continue pursuing her passion because of her family and love for everything she does.

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