Detroit’s burgeoning Hip-Hop star, Skilla Baby, returns with “Gumbo Mix,” feat. West Memphis rapper YTB Fatt, out now on all platforms {LISTEN HERE}. The track is taken from his highly anticipated EP, set to drop at the beginning of 2024. Skilla Baby has gained significant traction on social media, with viral hits like “Gorgeous” with Tee Grizzley, “Mama” with Rob49 and Tay B, and his previously released single “Bae,” which is currently generating a lot of buzz. With over 100K followers on TikTok, 129M video views on YouTube, and 766K followers on Instagram, Skilla Baby’s popularity is reaching higher highs daily.

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Gumbo Mix” authentically explores the realities of life in the tough streets of Detroit and West Memphis, offering an unfiltered perspective on street life, including themes of rivalry and survival. Collaborating with YTB Fatt adds an extra layer of authenticity to the track, as he brings his own experiences and unique viewpoint to the table. Together, they create a dynamic synergy that takes listeners on a thrilling journey through the determination and resilience of these cities. “Gumbo Mix” provides a captivating narrative of the street lifestyle in Detroit and West Memphis, offering a sneak peek into the electrifying and diverse EP, God’s Favorite, which is poised to make a major impact in the upcoming year.

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