STIIIZY, the nation’s leading cannabis lifestyle brand and retailer, announced on Thursday the conclusion of its historic partnership with Rolling Loud, the world’s largest hip hop festival. Together, the two globally-recognized entities pulled off an unprecedented partnership, bringing cannabis culture into mainstream live music, both on and off the festival grounds.

Kicking off in February with an exclusive product launch available at STIIIZY’s California dispensaries, the epic partnership concluded after Rolling Loud California 2024, where tens of thousands of fans toured STIIIZY’s unexpected, mind-blowing 40-foot indoor cultivation grow replica.

The immersive experience was built from 180 life-like cannabis plants, 24 grow lamps, and real equipment from the company’s indoor cultivation facility. Critics claimed the experience neatly framed cannabis in a dynamic, educational light, complemented by the bumping sounds of hip hop royalty ¥$, Nicki Minaj, Future x Metro Boomin, Post Malone, and more, as they performed on the main stage.

 “We really just wanted to give everyone an immersive experience and give them something that not everybody gets to check out,” said a brand spokesperson. “People reacted so well to what we made. A lot of people thought the plants were real! Everything except the plants were in fact real. We had a lot of customer questions about our strains, which was great to be able to talk about, and several thousand email sign-ups. Cannabis culture and music culture go hand in hand, so this was a great moment to produce for our community.”

The live music partnership did not end with the grow, it leapt onto festival big screens and reached millions of fans on social media, through a mix of attention-grabbing video ads produced by Rolling Loud and STIIIZY. In total, 11 jumbo TV screens displayed the collection to crowds before performances on three stages, all four days.

Celebrities and emerging artists came through STIIIZY’s VIP section, including Internet Personalities, DoggFace and Chris K “Blazin Asian”; musicians DUCHIBear1Boss, and Lil’ Blood; and reality TV personality Elle Monae (“Too Hot To Handle S2”).

The Rolling Loud California festival was especially unique, as it kicked off festivities celebrating “10 Years of Rolling Loud.”

Overall, these two cult-favorite brands came together through a joint love for hip hop and cannabis culture, as reflected in music and personal style. The pair share similar roots, having grown from humble beginnings in California to becoming global enterprises, with worldwide acclaim.

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