Strategy KI set to release Summer Time Smile. Artistic TransformationFrom Brawls to Ballads

Emerging UK artist Strategy KI has recently announced the release date for his highly anticipated music video, “Summer Time Smile.” Set to premiere on the summer solstice, June 21, 2023, this upcoming release has generated significant buzz within the music industry and among Strategy KI’s growing fan base.

The inspiration behind “Summer Time Smile” stems from a traumatic event that occurred in the artist’s life. In 2022, Strategy KI was involved in a bar brawl, resulting in the loss of his teeth. This incident left a lasting impact on the artist, who channeled his emotions into his music, using it as an outlet for self-expression and healing.

However, Strategy KI’s journey has not been without its challenges. The artist is currently facing legal issues, having been found guilty of multiple criminal offences by a crown court. While these legal troubles undoubtedly present obstacles, Strategy KI remains determined to continue pursuing his passion for music, showcasing his resilience and commitment to his craft.

Despite these challenges, Strategy KI is celebrating the success of his track “No Trust,” featuring renowned US rapper Boosie Badazz. The collaboration with Boosie Badazz has propelled Strategy KI’s career to new heights, garnering attention from both UK and international audiences.

Unfortunately, Boosie Badazz himself has recently found himself entangled in legal troubles following his arrest on June 14, 2023. This unexpected development adds another layer of complexity to the music video release and leaves fans curious about its potential impact on Strategy KI’s collaboration.

As fans eagerly await the release of “Summer Time Smile,” Strategy KI continues to demonstrate his artistic growth and determination to overcome personal and professional challenges. This upcoming music video marks a significant milestone in the artist’s career, and it remains to be seen how Strategy KI will navigate these tumultuous circumstances while striving to connect with his audience through his music.

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