Tay Y.U.N.G. Interview: Mental Health, “Body Language” Album, His Next Project + More

Artist and entrepreneur, Tay Y.U.N.G, originally from Phoenix, AZ, has established himself in central California, nurturing his career with unwavering dedication. His talent shines through in his dynamic mic skills, constantly evolving his style and melodic flows to match the lyrical intensity he brings. In 2018, his commitment to excellence earned him a record deal with O.U.R Brand Music Label. With notable singles like “Rah Rah” featuring label-mate 2CraZ and a catalog boasting hundreds of thousands of streams, Tay continues to make a significant impact in the music industry.

So it was only right for us to catch up with Tay Y.U.N.G. for an exclusive HipHopSince1987 interview. He spoke on his mental health, his recent album “Body Language,” how he plans to follow-up on it, the Kendrick v. Drake beef, and much more!

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First and foremost, how is everything going? How’s your mental health?
“Man, everything’s going pretty good, thanks for asking. Mental health-wise, I’ve been trying to stay balanced, you know? Taking time for self-care and making sure I’m in a good headspace. Truly depositing in my self-worth and spending time plotting my next move with music and life.”

In January, you released a joint album with !PROSPER, tell us more about how that came about.
“Ah, the joint album with !PROSPER… that was a dope project. We’ve been friends and collaborators for a minute, so it was only natural for us to team up and drop some tracks together. We had a lot of fun in the studio, bouncing ideas off each other and just vibing out. Body Language was just a tip off for what’s been in the bag for future drops coming. A little taste!”

As a lyricist yourself, what are your thoughts on the recent Kendrick / Drake “beef?”
“This Kendrick and Drake “beef,” man… it’s interesting to see how things unfold in the rap game. As a lyricist myself, I appreciate the competitive spirit, but at the end of the day, I think it’s all part of the culture. Both Kendrick and Drake are [insanely] talented artists, so whatever they’re cooking up, I’m sure it’s gonna be fire. I couldn’t honestly pick a side, but I love the energy it’s adding to the hip-hop scene. It’s just another motivation behind going harder for the goal.”

You’re currently gearing up a new solo EP, what can you tell us about the forthcoming project?
“Yeah, the solo EP is in the works, titled “It’s Not Luv.” I’m excited about this one. It’s going to be a mix of personal stories, introspection, and just straight-up bangers. I’m actually going to be tweaking my approach on this drop. I’ll be offering early access to my supporters via the platform EVEN.biz leading up to the official drop date, 5/3/24. Can’t give away too much just yet, but I’ve been putting in the work, and I think the fans are gonna rock with it in a major way.”

Aside from the EP, what else can fans expect from Tay Y.U.N.G. in 2024?
“Well, aside from the EP, I’ve got some other stuff brewing. I’m always working on new music, of course, but I’m also looking into some cool collabs, maybe some features on other artists’ tracks. Expect me to showcase in a few other production areas this year. And who knows, maybe even a few live shows if the timing works out. Just gonna keep grinding and see where the vibes take me.”


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