The Hoodies Remake Classic Rock Hit ‘Summer of 69’

Canadian singer Bryan Adams released his hit single “Summer of ’69” on June 17, 1985. On the heels of the Rock anthem’s 38th anniversary, the viral Rap sensations known as The Hoodies share their take on the original song‘s concept. Released to all major digital streaming platforms on this year’s summer solstice (6/21/2023), the new single finds brothers E-Class and Young Poppa claiming dominance ahead of the season with braggadocious raps over producer A2‘s chopped sample of the original melody and famous guitar riff. Today (6/22/2023), The Hoodies share the song’s Corey Hallam and Tiffany Abrams-directed music video, featuring Brady Watt and his band.

‘Summer of 69’ embodies that summertime feel; Hip-hop with a strong rock & roll presence. Anytime you mix those two genres something special is made. Big shout out to A2 On The Beat In The Whip Tape coming soon! – E-Class

‘Summer of 69’ is the perfect blend between Hip-Hop and Rock & Roll. It’s the best of both worlds. The video shows how the two sides meet.” – Young Poppa

Watch the “Summer of 69” video (shot at Cult Of Individuality‘s midtown NYC showroom) on YouTube after the jump!

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