The Rapper “Gus”: New Music, Question For Celebrity, What To Expect

We are very excited about the rising artist GUS and his new music. Previously, releasing music under “Kindness”, he has come a long way and it is reflecting in on his music.

His latest project, “VOLDEMORT” features great hits such as “HIT ON A CHRISTIAN”, “THE ARTIST STRUGGLE”, and “DA FINALE”.

These projects were fully produced and created by this artist. Currently, he is working on a “Politically correct” version of the EP and in addition has begun recording his debut album “TEN” set to be released this October.

We are excited, but also holding this artist accountable for his potential and great artistry.

“I don’t want to box myself in. I want to incorporate R&B, spoken word, jazz and gospel into my music. I make music that heals, to be honest”.

While speaking and discussing his music and career, we encountered this question by GUS.

“I remember it very clearly, it was in October 2011, and from what I call, a major celebrity, I think it might’ve been Selena Gomez, followed me back… on Twitter. It was so long ago, I don’t remember the entire details, but I do remember that she did, probably on a follow spree. I would like to know if this is true or not!”.

Stay tuned for great, ambitious endeavors and music from this artist. @AugustRelated.

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