Top Female Artists To Watch 2024

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Chloe is known for her creative and captivating R&B/Trap music, flawlessly executing melodic and passionate music sure to retain attention the moment the track starts. Chloe is no stranger to music as she group up being around musically inspired individuals. Soon, Chloe developed her own sound and began paving the way for her success in the music industry as she cultivated new impactful relationships with top of the line producers and iconic industry moduls from DJ’s to PR’s and entrepreneurs of the like.

Chloe has been singing since the age of four and for as long as she can remember she has been writing and performing her own songs. Her talent extends far beyond her vocals with her artistic flow and her natural drive to create waves in the industry. With this drive of hers, Chloe has frequently been catching the attention of many top platforms and various music executives across the country. Her ability to experiment with her beats and take her fans on an audio journey are the reasons why she continues to capture the heart, mind and soul of those who hear her sound.

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Nikki Taylor Vibe:

Nikki Taylor Vibe (aka Nikki Taylor) is an American Singer Songwriter, based in NYC. She’s a cross genre artist with a soulful voice and an ability to connect deeply with her audience through hypnotic vocals and deep lyrics that tell stories. Her unique sound and style are rooted in her formative music years working in Indie Hip Hop. She started writing songs at a young age and has written, performed on and co-produced multiple collaborative albums, across several genres. She has worked with numerous well-known artists and legendary producers including J. Oliver (Fresh Ayr), Southside, Wheezy, Rikanatti and has landed several placements with established music labels. Early in 2020 she collaborated on a single titled “Nother Level” with Royce Da 59 and Young Ra and in June 2020 Nikki released her long-awaited debut EP “Siren”. The EP was a breakout international success across music blogs, magazines, broadcast and satellite radio stations.

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Yelli Parker

Yelli Parker, an up-and-coming female artist, is ready to make her mark on the music scene with her highly anticipated single release, “Put on a Show.” With a unique blend of emotional storytelling and infectious vibes, Yelli’s music promises to captivate audiences and establish her as a force to be reckoned with.

From a young age, Yelli’s passion for music was ignited by her father’s influence, who nurtured her talent in his studio. Since then, Yelli has been honing her skills and pouring her heart into her music, using it as a channel to express her emotions and connect with her audience.

Inspired by her personal experiences, Yelli’s songs delve into the depths of emotional trauma in romantic relationships, offering a raw and relatable perspective. Through her music, she aims to empower her listeners to break free from mentally tied up situations and pursue their dreams fearlessly.

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Nadia Payne

Coming from the west side of Detroit, Michigan, rapper/singer Nadia Payne has started music in late 2016/2017 with her first track which later would be the name of her first EP “Rebel”. She would later perform all around the local Detroit area at showcases to showcase her talent. With her follow up projects, “Birth Of An Icon, Tomboy-EP, and her first independent album she released on her birthday in 2021 “11:11” she keeps improving her crave with her exaggerated personality and knock out bars. Nadia would go on to do festivals, and become an opener for major industry acts such as MoneyMan, Renni Rucci, Sada Baby just to name a few. She also does freestyles, both singing and rapping, on people beats to not only show off her craft but to also show her audience she’s versatile. Nadia’s new upcoming project, “Final Warning” is dropping in November. You can check her music out on all streaming platforms.

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In the world of music, there are artists who manage to captivate the hearts of millions, leaving an indelible mark on our souls. Today, I want to introduce you to the incredible talent that is Destined 911, a rising star who has taken the industry by storm. With her magnetic personality, astounding vocal prowess, and edgy style, she is a force to be reckoned with. But what caused a recent stir in the music world is the tattoo she got of the company she signed to, #Teamjohnhill and #DDS. (DA DRIP STARTA) which is the management company of president of Teamjohnhill  corps Fabian James.

Destined911 possesses a charismatic energy that draws people in like a magnet. With every performance, she exudes an infectious enthusiasm that is impossible to resist. Her smooth, rhythmic voice dances effortlessly over melodies, leaving audiences captivated. Many have likened her to a love child born from the musical union of Lenny Kravitz and Rihanna, a comparison that speaks volumes about her unique artistry.

Destined911’s talent has garnered praise and admiration from both fans and accomplished musicians alike. Legendary R&B acts such as Silk and Jade have recognized her immense potential, hailing her as a rising star to watch. With every new release, she manages to push the boundaries of her artistry, bringing fresh sounds and perspectives to the table.

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