Unveiling the Creative Journey: An Inside Look at the Multifaceted World of Woodroslimm

IMG_87101-333x500 Unveiling the Creative Journey: An Inside Look at the Multifaceted World of Woodroslimm

In these ever-evolving and uncertain times, it’s essential to keep the creative fires burning. Join us as we delve into the dynamic world of Woodroslimm – an artist, producer, and promoter extraordinaire who’s been making waves in the music industry. In this exclusive interview-style article, we explore his journey, influences, and his unique approach to music and life.

A Rising Star in Hightimes Amsterdam: Still #4 with ‘LET’S BLOW DRO’

Woodroslimm proudly holds the title of still #4 in Hightimes Amsterdam’s top ten with his smash hit single, ‘LET’S BLOW DRO.’ This groovy track can be found on the ‘KushNation’ compilation, aptly titled ‘Still Burning.’ You can find this musical gem available for download on various platforms.

The Oklahoma Connection: A Mixtape Catalogue Like No Other

In a conversation that feels like a casual chat among friends, Woodroslimm talks about his journey. He has had the opportunity to collaborate and work closely with some of the industry’s most renowned and underground producers, boasting MTV2 and VH1 credits. As a staunch advocate for medical marijuana and recreational kush, he’s made a mark with four international single releases and three mixtapes that have found their way into the hands of stripclub DJs.

A Vibeful Message: Motivation and Stress-Free Living

Woodroslimm’s unique perspective on the power of creativity and the therapeutic value of art shines through his work. He firmly believes that sharing art can promote healing. While he stepped back from the spotlight for a while, he ventured into behind-the-scenes management, production, and film editing. He’s even released ‘Nightlife DVD Pt.1,’ available on platforms like YouTube. His upcoming mixtape DVD series with Turnoutmusic DJs is set to drop by summer 2021, showcasing his ever-expanding creative reach.

From Music to Mindfulness: A Holistic Approach

Woodroslimm’s passion for bringing light to the world hasn’t waned. Whether it’s the vibe motivation in his music or the soothing, captivating melodies that resonate with his audience, he continues to make an impact. His art is a testament to his commitment to spreading positivity and motivating those who tune in.

A Sound Like No Other: Influences and Inspirations

Woodroslimm’s music bears the mark of influential artists like Uncle Luke, Lil Jon, Too Short, and Mac Dre. Throughout his career, he’s collaborated with notable groups and labels, including Hood Waste Records, H2O Records, Woodfiguas Beltway8, Lowprofile Ent, Kush Nation, and Turnoutmusic DJs. His reach extends far and wide, with connections in New York, Texas, California, Florida, Arkansas, Kansas, New Orleans, Atlanta, and beyond.

Always Exploring New Horizons

In the spirit of innovation, Woodroslimm has partnered with a boxing and yoga gym chain. Together, they are working on releasing a body movement fitness show on Yoga World TV Network. This exciting venture promises to combine his passion for music and fitness, offering a holistic experience to his audience.

In conclusion, Woodroslimm’s journey is a testament to the power of creativity, adaptability, and the belief that art can heal and motivate. As he continues to explore new avenues, we can’t wait to see what mindful projects like ‘COME AND GO’ he has in store for the future. The return of real rap, hypnotic kush-filled nightlife anthems, and an unorthodox classic hip-hop style make Woodroslimm a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His soul-grabbing mixes and ground-shaking bass are sure to keep audiences grooving for years to come. Stay tuned for more from this multifaceted artist, producer, and promoter extraordinaire.


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