“Wake Up”: Kelly Monrow Battles Her Demons In A New Music Video

“How many how many times/ Why why can’t I wake up/ I go on a go on a go on a ride/ Relief can I get some,” goes the chorus of “Wake Up” an all-round beautiful piece off of Kelly Monrow’s debut album Scars of Venus. The song is accompanied by a music video which clearly depicts the artist in an unsettling mood, battling against her own demons in the bathroom mirror—quite a familiar story for most. Of course, as a true artist, Monrow puts on a real show and all of her emotions are apparent right there, making the viewer feel an even deeper connection. 

Kelly Monrow has previously released visuals for “Ain’t Mine” and “The Woman”, both off her debut album. The latter is especially powerful, uniting women regardless of any kind of background and promoting self-love and self-acceptance for oneself. “I really repressed my voice growing up, feeling like I didn’t belong,” Monrow said in an interview. “I think women are taught as little girls to ‘shut up and look pretty.’ I’ve always been a rebel that way, and my mom was a great role model for being a strong outspoken woman… I’ve now realised how important it is we teach our youth and people in general that their voice matters. We all deserve to be heard, and I did this album for all the people before me that didn’t get to use their voices.”