Who is Myles Brando?

Now more than ever, music lovers  are thirsting for the new wave. Consciously focused on being a  breath of fresh air- similar  to  Kanye West’s College DropOut, Myles Brando is heading in the same direction. With his new single “She Ready “, Myles  is placing his bid and making a strong case for this song  to be the Summer Anthem for 2023. She Ready brings a dancehall melody fused with Hip Hop, reinforcing  the  statement: What New York Sounds Like!

Hailing from “The Floss” (Canarsie, Brooklyn), Myles Brando is an established Haitian/ American Hip Hop and R&B artist, who has accepted the challenge to carry the torch for NY.

Picking up momentum on all NY radio mix shows, check out She Ready  on all digital streaming platforms!  She Ready…Let’s hope the World Is!

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