Charlés Drops New Single “It’s Not Us”

Rapper-Songwriter Charlés returns with his new single “It’s Not Us” via Only Dopeness. The preeminent new song from the Long Island-born, Durham-raised rapper is a dynamic take on multiple global sounds mixed with local sounds. He dives deep and experiments with rock tones more than ever while threading the Hip-Hop and R&B needle aswell.

“It’s Not Us” was produced in Paris, with guitars from Philadelphia & São Paulo. The vocals were recorded in Charlotte, mixed in Rio de Janeiro, and mastered in Spain. This latest single follows his 2022 release “Before Baile (Freestyle).”

Charlés about his latest single; The song is neither hopeful nor hopeless; rather, it lies somewhere between detailing the thought process of an individual overcoming heartbreak. The accented and occasional blaring guitars express the chaotic nature love sometimes makes us feel. The staccato drums give a sense of urgency. The stern rap cadence shows some form of certainty, a certainty that the hook chooses not to provide.

Bio: Charlés (Formerly Known as Charles DaBeast) knows what he wants to sound like. The 26-year-old self-described “Rapper-Songwriter” considers his sound soul music disguised as Pop-Rap, blending elements of Rap, Pop, and R&B. His writing emphasizes his talent for constructing catchy, melodic songs that focus on past experiences and love. The New York-born, North Carolina-raised artist was exposed to a variety of genres during his childhood. His family’s love for music inspired him to learn how to play the trumpet while in middle school as well as the guitar.


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