Yatta Bandz Drops “4Lifers” Video

Yatta Bandz commands a legion of fans who respond to his relatable lyrics, heart-on-sleeve honesty, and easy way with melody. Demonstrating all three of those qualities on the latest glimpse at his upcoming album TUFF LUVthe 21-year-old rapper shares 4Lifers, his latest music video. Working through the higher-end of his vocal register with raw emotion, the Bay Area native takes a page out of Mary J. Blige’s book, looking past short-term flings and searching for a real love. Winding around thumping 808s and gently-plucked acoustic guitars, Yatta makes his intentions clear: “Run around, he gave you the run around/But you chasin’ temporary love until the sun is down/Girl, I couldn’t help but notice you been feelin’ hopeless/And Imma be the one to make it better now,” he croons. In the video, directed by Jay Pusha, Yatta and his one-and-only travel through space and time, keeping their spark as they move from the modern day Bay Area to an ice planet to a Prohibition-era speakeasy and back.

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