A$AP Rocky Recalls Fabolous Rejecting His Autograph Request As A Kid: 'I Was A Little Hurt'

Kids remember every detail about their experiences with celebrities — especially when it goes terribly. For A$AP Rocky, who became a superstar in his own right, he recalled meeting Fabolous, but Loso actually denied his request for an autograph and picture.

Rocky recalled the situation during his Drink Champs interview, where a 12-year-old A$AP badgered Fabolous for a photo in the early 2000s, but he still didn’t budge.

“Fab was about, he was with a lil’ n-gga, n-gga like my age type shit,” he began. “I was just like, ‘Yo, Fab.’ I’m like 12 or something like, my heart pounding, ‘I can get a picture or an autograph?’ He said no to the picture, then I asked for the autograph.”

“I could tell like, he was lookin’ around and all that type shit, so I guess he was trying to be on ten. He was trying to be on point.”


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The Harlem native was understandably upset and went home and took out his frustrations on the posters he had hanging up in his bedroom.

“So, as a kid, it really didn’t register to me, I was a little hurt,” he admitted. “So, I went home and ripped down all his [photos]. That’s still my n-gga though, man.”

A$AP Rocky went on to confirm that he confronted Fab about this later in life, who thought it was “crazy how shit turned out” with the tables turning. With that in the back of his head, Rocky tries to always take photos with kids when asked in public.