Actress Amanda Bynes Spotted Roaming Downtown LA Naked, Placed On Psychiatric Hold

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Actress Amanda Bynes was place on a psychiatric hold after being spotted Downtown Los Angeles, naked and alone.

According to TMZ, Amanda was found on early Sunday morning, downtown without any clothes on. She waved a car down and told the driver she was just coming down from a psychiatric episode. She then called 911 on herself. The actress was taken to a nearby police station, and the mental health team decided she needed to be place on a 5150 hold.

A source close to the former childhood star says she remains at the hospital during this time, and will likely stay there for several days.

Amanda is most known for her roles in 90s and 2000s TV shows such as The Amanda Show and All That. She’s also found success in the film world with movies as big as Hairspray, What a Girl Wants and She’s the Man.

Similarly to Brittney Spears, Bynes was she was placed under a nine-year-long conservatorship by her mother after a bipolar diagnosis. That arrangement was terminated in 2022 as she was said to be in a better space, yet, this recent episode leaves many concerned.

We’ll continue to update you on Amanda.