Boosie Badazz Prays For Mark Zuckerberg's Death After He's Kicked Off Instagram Again

Boosie Badazz is once again seething after he says Facebook founder/CEO Mark Zuckerberg kicked him off Instagram. It all started on Thursday (July 15) when Boosie realized his account had been removed. He alleges the platform suspended his account due to a viral video of Boosie mouthing off to the police that made the rounds earlier this week.

“Y’all take my IG for a video that a cop posted of me going off like wtf I ain’t post it,” he tweeted. “Adam n Mark y’all some bitches!! All that dam money n your wives look like Aliens n your kids look like retards. I wake up every morning hoping your jet crash.

“The Alien people have done it again #racistatitsfinest. GOD Bring Kobe Bryant back n put mark and Adam in that helicopter with their family. Adam look like u play on revenge of the Nerds lmao. Yo wife ugly af #divorce her face. Ugly ass kids GOD gave y’all buy them another face with all that money.”

Boosie was placed in handcuffs in Georgia on Tuesday (July 12) after being pulled over for heavy window tint and concealed tags. With 19-year-old De’Shun Lawrence in the driver’s seat, police officers claimed they could smell marijuana, leading them to searching the vehicle. After finding a bag of weed and large bag of cash, both men were cuffed and told to stand at the side of the vehicle.

“I’m fucking tired, bruh,” he told the officers. “Whatever you wanna fucking do, we can do. That’s how the fuck I feel … Lock me up for whatever you wanna lock me up for. I’m tired, bruh. Tired of being fucked with … I’ma spit on every fucking nurse in that bitch.

“I’ma make you charge me. I’ma show you how I get down when I get locked up. I’ma make them bitches want me … I’m going out like a gangsta. You oughta knock my fucking teeth out. And you gon’ get sued like a dog.”

After ranting and raving for several minutes, he and Lawrence were ultimately released with a pair of citations.