Brittney Griner Harassed At Airport, Almost Attacked By A ‘Provocateur’

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As Scar Lip would say….GTFB! 

As reported on ESPN, Brittney Griner was almost attacked by a man while traveling through a Dallas airport. A YouTube personality, Alex Stein, tried to push his way through security to approach Brittney. 

The incident happened as BG and her Phoenix Mercury team members were walking on a concourse to catch a flight. Alex was unsuccessful as a security representative stayed between BG and the man. Alex was able to push the security personnel, until a guard pushed him against the wall. BG waited behind a gate as Alex was held back.

Alex yelled inappropriate things to BG. Yahoo reports he asked her if the U.S. made a fair trade exchanging her for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout and if she had sex with Russian president Vladimir Putin to get out of prison. 

The WNBA’s team security decided to not press charges.

Brittney was locked up in Russia for one year after pleading guilty to drug charges. In a drawn-out, dramatic, high-profile prisoner exchange, Brittney returned home in December 2022. She’s releasing a memoir about the traumatic experience.

Earlier this year, Brittney resigned with the Phoenix Mercury for one year. She played for them in 2021 and helped the team reach the WNBA Finals. She was drafted in 2013 by Mercury and has played with them for nine seasons.

During an “emotional” press conference, BG said she would never play overseas again. She said she would make an exception if she was representing America at the Olympics.