Cardi B Slams Georgia Rep's Attempt To Impeach Joe Biden: 'This Just Shows Me how Delusional & Dumb People Can Be'

Cardi B loves to throw her two cents in when it comes to politics — whether she’s sitting down with now-President Joe Biden or the current meme-god Bernie Sanders. But she’s also ready to fire off a tweet on the turn of a dime whenever an opportunity presents itself.

On Thursday (January 21), just one day after Biden was inaugurated, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene revealed she’d submitted articles of impeachment against the president. Like many other conspiracy theorists, the QAnon supporter believes the election was stolen from former president Donald Trump and insisted there was voter fraud.

Cardi was clearly surprised by this move, tweeting on Friday morning (January 22), “How they trying to impeach Biden already ? He hasn’t even taken a shit at the White House yet .This just shows me how delusional and dumb people can be.”

According to CNN, Green has a long history of “baseless conspiracy theories.” In fact, Twitter froze Greene out of her account for 12 hours after she breached its terms of service. The social media giant accused her of defying its civic integrity policy by sharing election misinformation.

Greene then blasted Twitter in a statement, calling the situation a “borderline monopolistic stranglehold a few big tech companies have.” She maintains she isn’t trying to incite violence but just “sharing her conservative viewpoints.”

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The rookie congresswoman’s various allegations include false theories on voter fraud, the Capitol insurrection, the presidential and senate elections in Georgia and the First Amendment. When CNN reached out to Greene for a comment, her communications director Nick Dyer, said, “Here’s our comment: ‘CNN is fake news.’”