DaBaby Shares Heartfelt Birthday Message To 50 Cent: ‘You The Last Role Model I Got Left”

50 Cent celebrated his 48th birthday yesterday (July 6) and was flooded with messages from fans and celebrities all over social media. DaBaby shared a heartfelt tribute, hailing his mentor as the “last role model” he has left.

“HAPPY G DAY TO THE [GOAT]. Still gonna hit your phone, but I wanted to show my love and appreciation publicly,” the “SHAKE SUMN” rapper began. “Bruh, I tell you all the time, words can’t express how much I appreciate the relationship I got with you. Since the day I met you, you done gave me a lifetime worth of game and motivation. Put your arm around a n**ga at one of my lowest points, treated anything of mines like it was yours, treated anybody attached to me like family. Showed me how to navigate through the bulls**t the RIGHT way!”

DaBaby continued, “REAL N**GA.. with PLENTY sense. Don’t take yourself lightly, bruh, you’re a walking BLESSING, and I know anybody with the pleasure of knowing you can vouch! If they don’t, f**k ’em and everybody that love ’em! [I] tell you once a month [that] you’re the last role model I got left! Keep dominating the [world]. I’m studying on a daily. Love for life bruh, see you soon!”