Dr. Dre Tells Busta Rhymes He Recorded 247 Songs During COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Dre is most often found holed up in his home studio, working with a revolving cast of greats. Days after he suffered a brain aneurysm in January 2021, he was back at work with frequent Aftermath Entertainment producer Dem Jointz and The D.O.C., proving his creative spirit knows no bounds.

Case in point — when the COVID-19 pandemic began its rampage in March 2020, Dr. Dre put his head down and apparently cranked out hundreds of songs. In an Instagram video posted on Thursday (June 30), Dr. Dre told Busta Rhymes about his ridiculous recording schedule.

“I did 247 songs during the pandemic, then we paused, did a whole album with Marsha Ambrosius — that’s fucking nutso, that’s crazy,” he said. “Then we came back … what did we do after that? Oh, I did the Grand Theft Auto shit and then we working on my n-gga Snoop. We two days in right now, we got, what, six bangers done? So, I don’t know. I wanna finish this shit and then start Busta Rhymes.”


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Busta Rhymes was clearly excited about what they’re potentially cooking up. The pair initially linked up on Bus-A-Bus’s 2001 album Genesis and have since collaborated on numerous projects, including Busta’s “Don’t Get Carried Away” featuring Nas, “Legend Of The Falls Offs” and “Break Ya Neck.”

As for Snoop Dogg, their relationship stretches back to the early ’90s when a young Dr. Dre introduced a 19-year-old Snoopy Doggy Dogg to the world on the single “Deep Cover.” After that, they collaborated on Dre’s 1992 debut The Chronic and the rest is history.

Thirty years later, their friendship is stronger than ever, most evident when they took the stage for the Super Bowl LVI Pepsi Halftime Show in February. The West Coast gangsta rap legends were joined by Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar and surprise guest 50 Cent who all proceeded to deliver some of their biggest hits against a backdrop of lowriders and Crip walking.

Fans have been waiting on new material from Dr. Dre for what feels like eons, but with at least 247 songs in his vault, perhaps that will change in the near future.