EdVanzd Releases Surreal Rap Gem Called “Tha Bounce” Featuring A Short-Film Music Video

Hip-hop artist EdVanzd is making a lot of noise with his latest artistic release which includes a phenomenal single and a short-film music video. The song is called “Tha Bounce” as the St. Louis native takes on his peers for their lazy rapping style while managing to star and co-produce the amazing music video. 

“Tha Bounce” is a song directed at mumbling rappers and how they lack the needed skills and talent. A creative multi-layered masterpiece that addresses several other topics like politics, race music scene and so much more. When asked about what the single means to him, EdVanzd responded with “Next to the newborn my wife and I just had, ‘Tha Bounce’ is definitely my baby.” He continued, “It has so many layers and meanings that I hope everyone can appreciate upon multiple listens and views. I love  creating multi-tiered art.”

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