Ex-Death Row Artist Jewell Revealed She Had Just 6 Months To Live In One Of Her Final Interviews

Former Death Row Records artist Jewell passed away on May 6 but no cause of death was revealed. However, the veteran singer did say over eight pounds of fluid was removed from her heart, lungs and legs just six weeks ago.

But during one of her final interviews in October 2021 interview with The Art of Dialogue’s Mighty Bolton, Jewell did reveal a doctor had predicted she had only six months to live. Sipping on a mimosa and with a Kleenex in her hand, Jewell teared up as she talked about her grim prognosis.

“The doctor gave me six months to live,” she explained. “[…] That’s why I hurried up my album. I wanted to do something more positive than all the dick-sucking records, pretty much what was popular back in those days, so my grandkids can have something that they’re proud of, of their nana Jewell.”

Jewell continued telling Mighty Bolton how “iconic” the footage would be because she knew “it’s not gonna be long” before she passed. She also explained she’d already “died” once at Walmart and had to be revived.

“I beat the odds ’cause 2019 was my first diagnosis and I have all the paperwork to substantiate the longevity of my life,” she said. “I died at Walmart and they brought me back to life. The guy that saved my life used to be an EMT in Puerto Rico and his name was Javier.

“He was the one that actually pumped me until the ambulance got there when I stopped breathing at the register and saved my life. I held this from most of my family because I always tried to be the strong one […] I just didn’t want them to know.”

While Jewell didn’t exactly spell out her diagnosis, she did mention she had some kind of “lung injury illness.” As for why the interview was only just released on Sunday (May 8), Mighty Bolton tells HipHopDX, “Jewell told me to hold on to footage and release it if she passed away. She wanted people to know about her contribution to Hip Hop and realize all the legendary songs she contributed to and sang vocals on. I hope in her passing, people go back and look at her interviews and learn how big of a contribution she made to Hip Hop, especially West Coast Hip Hop.”

Jewell’s final album, Love + Pain = Musik, was released in October 2021. Find it below. DX sends our condolences to all of Jewell’s loved ones.