Fivio Foreign Gets Roasted On Twitter Over Brooklyn Nets Halftime Performance

Brooklyn, NY – Fivio Foreign had a rough night on Wednesday (October 19) thanks to audio issues during his halftime performance at the Brooklyn Nets‘ NBA season opener.

The hometown rapper took center court at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York following the first half of the Nets’ showdown against the New Orleans Pelicans. What should’ve been a routine performance, though, resulted in Fivio struggling through his set.

While running through hits like “Big Drip,” “Say My Name” and “City of Gods”, Fivio Foreign was unable to rap on beat as the backing track blared through the arena’s speakers.

It didn’t take long before Fivio felt the wrath of fans on social media as they roasted him with posts making fun of his performance. Many poked fun at the audio issues, while others ridiculed Fivio’s live performance skills in general.

“Fivio Foreign is doing the halftime show for the #Nets and it’s like he’s trying to perform the songs after just hearing them for the first time five minutes before,” one person joked.

Another quipped: “If you’re illegally streaming this Nets game you know that this fivio foreign halftime performance is one of the worst things in history.”

The Brooklyn Nets didn’t fair any better either. The Pelicans torched Kevin Durant and co. 130-108 behind stellar outings from All-Stars Zion Williamson — who had 25 points, nine rebounds and three assists — and Brandon Ingram, who poured in 28 points along with seven rebounds and five assists.

KD put the Nets on his back with 32 points, three rebounds and two assists, but received little help from his fellow “Big Three” cast. Kyrie Irving chipped in with 15 points, five rebounds and two assists on 6-for-19 shooting and 0-for-6 from the perimeter. Meanwhile, Ben Simmons was nonexistent in his Nets debut, dropping only four points, five rebounds and five assists.

Fivio Foreign did get to leave the Barclays Center as the first person to wear the Brooklyn Nets’ new 10th-anniversary diamond chain during his halftime performance. The team plans on letting various “fixtures” wear it throughout the 2022-23 NBA season.

Check out more reactions to Fivio Foreign’s halftime performance below.