Joyner Lucas Invites Indie Artists To Perform On ‘Isis’ Remix

Joyner Lucas is looking to help out up-and-coming artists in a big way. On Wednesday (June 1), Lucas announced he’ll be giving independent artists a chance to be featured on a song.

According to a press release, the 33-year-old will be selecting four indy artists to hop on the remix of his platinum-selling single with Logic titled “Isis.” The song will be released via the startup app called Tully and gives these artists a chance to get paid while also receiving exposure to their music.

Lucas announced the contest last month and instructed aspiring independent artists to sign up for Tully, download the “Isis” beat, record a verse and share it on the application. The four winners — Tone Catra (@catra609), Lex Bratcher (@lexbratcher), Starringo (@iamstarringo) and Kvng Moses (@1kvngmoses) — will collaborate on a forthcoming megamix of Joyner Lucas’ hit song that will appear on all major digital service providers at a later date.


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Joyner Lucas and his business partner Dhruv Joshi co-founded Tully in 2015 as a way “to streamline the creative music process through digital tools.” The duo partnered to build tools to impact Lucas’ independent music success directly and now are sharing the gems with more artists and to help them be in full control of their careers.

Tully also has management features to save contracts and split sheets, along with songwriting tools for artists to play, write and record music. The app promises to give independent artists 100 percent of their royalties, access to beats without dealing with royalties, digital copyrights and more.

Joyner Lucas‘s app was so much of a hit at the height of the pandemic that in April 2020 Sony Music Entertainment revealed they would be investing in Tully and announced an expansion of features at the end of 2020.