Juice WRLD Engineer Accuses Late Rapper's Label Of Threatening To 'Kill' Him

There’s been much debate about the handling of Juice WRLD’s estate following his tragic passing in December 2019.

After Juice’s girlfriend Ally Lotti took to social media hinting at there being more to his passing than the public’s knowledge, producer-engineer Max Lord hit Twitter on Wednesday (June 8) to debunk a few claims while backing Ally in the process.

“Needed to respond to some defaming tweets, and address my support for [Ally Lotti]. We Love you Juice, and something needs to change,” the 808 Mafia affiliate wrote.

XXL confirmed that the tweet was indeed from Max Lord alongside a series of photos with notes.

Max claims that an account under the name @Chasemasta is working alongside Grade A Productions’ George “G Money” Dickinson and Juice’s manager Peter Jideonwo in a smear campaign against him.

The 808 Mafia producer goes on to allege that they even tried to have him killed at one point.

“They called me in March 2020 threatening me to give them my recording equipment, demanding I come set it up at their house and leave it there, which wasn’t even very much gear at the time,” he penned. “I’m sure they can afford the 8k worth of equipment, much [of] which I built and modded myself because I actually know what it even is. It seems like they are trying to smear my name in relations to Juice to get me out of their way.”

“These open threats of violence against me from Grade A, posted on Chase’s Twitter, this stuff is absurd. They’re openly threatening to kill me. They’ve stolen firearms from me. They’ve threatened me with them. We’ve gotten in physical altercations because Juice didn’t like beats G Money tried to have him record on the day before he passed away, that he would profit from. With Ally coming [out] about these sorts of things, I owe it to her and Jarad to back her up here and speak out on this.”

There seems to be quite a bit of tension when it comes to managing Juice WRLD’s music. Lil Bibby voiced his frustrations earlier this week following a series of leaks heading into Juice’s third posthumous album The Party Never Ends.

Juice WRLD — born Jarad Higgins — passed away from fatal seizures triggered by an accidental drug overdose on December 8, 2019. A Cook County Medical Examiner revealed he had toxic levels of oxycodone and codeine in his system.