Kodak Black Admits Escalating Pooh Shiesty ‘Beef’ – But Takes Aim At Megan Thee Stallion For ‘Stealing Quotes’

Kodak Black and Pooh Shiesty engaged in a brief online back-and-forth on Monday (March 8) after the Bill Israel rapper accused him and Lil Baby of copping his style. After taking some time to reassess the situation, the Pompano Beach, Florida native now admits he had a hand in escalating the situation but chalked it up as part of the gig.

On Tuesday (March 9), Kodak tweeted, “I been seeing the admiration dude have/had for this shit .. That’s Kinda on me but really tho aint said shit to Jit.” He added, “Entertainment Is Entertainment. Reality Is Reality.”

But instead of stopping there, Kodak reeled Megan Thee Stallion into the conversation by suggesting she’s copying him, too. He wrote in a follow-up tweet, “We In Miami On Da Yacht She Wanna ‘Drive Da Boat’ I Got Her Fucked Up Bout My Lingo She Been Stealing quotes.”

Of course, “drive the boat” means taking shots straight from a bottle of liquor and is a phrase Megan frequently tosses around. But just like with spreading money on Instagram and “Blrrrd,” Kodak claims he invented that too. But this isn’t the first time the formerly incarcerated rapper has made the claim. In March 2020, Megan appeared on an episode of ABC’s daytime talk show, Strahan, Sara and Keke where she was asked who invented the “drive the boat” catchphrase to which Michael Strahan answered, “Megan.”

Keke Palmer replied, “Michael, you’re right. It’s about consumption and [Megan’s] the originator of it.” While Megan didn’t take credit as the originator of the phrase, she didn’t deny Palmer’s claims either. Upon seeing the clip, Kodak — who was still in jail at the time — headed to social media to air his grievances.

“I really wanna go bad on lil one, but I’m keeping this shit pretty,” Kodak wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post addressing the clip. The viral video of Kodak saying “Let me drive the boat” then surfaced online in an attempt to substantiate his claims.

Revisit it below.


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