Remy Ma Announces First Ever All-Female Battle Rap Tournament With $25K Prize

Remy Ma is looking to take the battle rap scene to the next level with the launch of the first-ever all-female battle rap tournament.

The Bronx native announced the event, aptly-titled The Tournament, through her battle rap platform Chrome 23 on Sunday (October 9). The show will see 16 contestants battle it out in New York City for the grand prize of $25,000.

Remy Ma unveiled the participants in an Instagram video, with the tournament promising first-round match-ups between QB and Chayna Ashley, C3 and 40 BARRS, Chetta and E. Hart, among others.

“All-female, first-ever in battle rap history,” Remy said in the clip. “All bitches can rap. It’ll be three rounds. Every round is 90 seconds. So that’s a minute and a half with a max of two minutes.”


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The Tournament will be live streamed on Chrome 23’s website on October 30. It marks Remy Ma’s second battle rap event following Chrome 23’s inaugural contest, Queens Get the Money, in February.

Co-hosted by Remy’s husband Papoose and Terror Squad cohort Fat Joe, Queens Get the Money featured battles between Yoshi G and Pristavia, Casey Jay and O’fficial, 40 B.A.R.R.S. and QB Black Diamond, and Ms. Hustle and Couture.

Remy Ma created Chrome 23 to highlight the women making strides in the battle rap scene, which is otherwise dominated by their male counterparts. According to Remy, the league supports women pushing the battle rap culture to new heights.

“I want all the women that have ever put their blood, sweat and tears into this, that’s been doing this for years to get a chance to really make some decent money,” she said.

When she isn’t uplifting female battle rappers, Remy Ma continues to apply pressure on her artistic competition. Last year, the “Conceited” rapper claimed her female rap peers are afraid to jump on a song with her.

“My pen really go,” she said on Big U’s Checc’n In podcast “They know. Nobody don’t play with me. Even guys. People call me and they’re like, ‘You need to do some features.’ No girl wants to be on a song with me. Especially if she up!

“She don’t want Remy Ma on a song. They know what’s gon’ happen and the same thing goes for guys. A guy don’t wanna call me to get on a song ’cause he knows what’s gonna happen! So, it’s cool. I’m alright with it.”