Young Thug & Gunna’s RICO Trial Could Be Delayed By Two Months

Young Thug and Gunna could potentially remain behind bars a little longer if Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has her way.

The two rappers are currently in jail alongside 26 other YSL affiliates as part of an ongoing RICO case. Prosecutors are claiming that Thugga (real name Jeffery Lamar William) was the mastermind of an organized street gang, with crimes ranging from murder to drug dealing.

On Thursday (October 6), Willis filed a 10-page motion asking for a two-month delay in the trial. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, the DA made the request due to more than a quarter of those indicted not yet having legal representation.

The trial is due to begin on January 9, 2023, but Willis would like it postponed until March 27 to allow all defendants to get a lawyer.

“A continuance to the final week in March would protect the speedy trial rights of those who have asserted those rights, while also ensuring that the additional eight defendants have properly prepared appointed counsel,” Willis said in her motion.

Elsewhere in the 10-page document, the DA requested the defendants all be tried together since they allegedly took part in the same conspiracy, and similar evidence is expected to be presented in each trial.

Prosecutors said they were “concerned about the inconvenience and ‘trauma’ of repeated testimony of witnesses who were the victims of violent gang crimes.” A decision on whether to push the trial back is expected later this month.

Lawyers for Young Thug and Gunna have denied the charges levied against their clients.

Young Thug recently asked a judge to toss out all “involuntary” statements he made when he was first placed in custody during the RICO case.

According to new filings from Thugga’s attorney Brian Steel, the two law enforcement officers who first interrogated his client in Dekalb County Jail never gave Thugga the opportunity to waive his Miranda rights before questioning him.

Steel said his client was placed into an interrogation room by Cobb County investigator David Raissi and ATF Special Agent T. Cunningham without his counsel’s permission, knowledge or consent, and demanded Judge Ural Glanville discard any statements given by Thugga during that time.

Meanwhile, Kanye West has vowed to get Young Thug out from behind bars, even if he has to recruit his ex-wife Kim Kardashian to help him.

In a recent screenshotted text exchange between Ye and A$AP Bari, the latter texted the former that, “we need to get Thugga out of jail.”

“Just sent this to Kim,” Kanye replied. Kim K is close to becoming a lawyer, with a focus on criminal justice reform, making a case like Thugga’s YSL Rico Case a perfect fit for her new career.

Kim K is also advocating for Gunna’s release having recently shared a message of support for Gunna via her Twitter and IG Stories along with some of the details that were included in the latest petition from his legal team.