Artist Spotlight: International Composer Mike Alrue

Today, we shed the spotlight on one of the most prolific international composers out there, Mike Alrue, born in Spain, raised in Mexico, and currently living in the United States. His vivid creativity and dedication to his art have led him to release six albums, score the soundtrack for over 25 films and documentaries, and compose jingles for more than 2500 brands like Hallmark Cards, Kodak, McDonald’s, CSK Auto, Fry’s Markets, Good Samaritan Hospital, Iberia Airlines, Chevrolet, The Arizona Lottery, SCF Arizona, and many more. 

His impressive discography lists six albums:  “Logos”, “Vida Nueva”, “Tales from the Piano”, “Light Years”, “Tomorrow Found Me Dreaming” and “Monsoon”. Mike Alrue also recently released a song entitled “Changes,” a beautiful and catchy guitar ballad featuring ethereal vocals and melodies. 

One of his passions is scuba diving, and composing the soundtrack for the animated series “Captain Cousteau” was a dream come true for the skilled composer, without forgetting to mention that he holds a degree in Hydrobiology from the Metropolitan University in Xochimilco, Mexico.

Mike Alrue is starting this new decade in the best shape ever, and after listening to some of his impressive discography, we impatiently wait for his next musical move.