Big Steilo Steps Up His Game & Releases Two Projects: Visuals For Single “Critical,” & Brand New Single “Trenches”

Big Steilo rushes himself to kill the game by the storm, and releases two separate but equally dope projects. On each of them, he takes an in-depth look at significant events from his past and delivers an outstanding performance. Both of the singles are about to be featured on his upcoming album Dogpound 2.

The latest single titled “Trenches” showcases his fire flow, as he raps about coming from the bottom, and fighting his way to the top. Big Steilo steps his game up, and serves a juicy flow, and pulls out hot punchlines on the lines. The song is slightly more aggressive than his previous releases, but the emotions he channels, and the life story he shares touches the audience to the core and allows them to know him better. 

“Critical,” a single dropped a few weeks ago, is more a track to vibe with and bounce to it. It’s calmer and layered on ambient tunes. The visuals for it display Big Steilo performing the number and wandering around trying to figure out what’s important to him, and how he can stay true to himself. 

With such releases, Big Steilo surely begins to master the world around him, and we are psyched to see him grow as a rapper. Stay tuned for Dogpound 2!