CALYN Drops The New R&B Gem “Tricky”

Singer-songwriter CALYN is on top of her game in her newly released r&b gem “Tricky.” The single was co-written with her sister DYLI, herself a rising r&b artist. In the new single “Tricky,” CALYN talks about a situation that has happened to everyone at least once; having a crush for someone that is bound to lead nowhere. She sings: “It’s so hard not to fold/My heart gets too involved/It’s like I wanna go through it all”. 

“When I wrote Tricky I wanted to express the feeling of wanting somebody that has no interest in one particular but instead, multiple at once…I feel like the lyrics really capture what it’s like to know you shouldn’t want that someone because it’ll only hurt you in the long run. You want to believe so badly that you can change their mindset when nine times out of ten that’s not the case” shares CALYN about her new song “Tricky.”

Being able to tackle personal and relatable issues are some of the reasons explaining the young artist’s speedy rise to the top. Previously, CALYN made a huge impression on fans with singles like “Falling,” “Fien’n,” and “born tired,” just to name some of her biggest hits.   

Make sure to closely follow the career evolution of one of the most talented artists in r&b today, and what better way to get introduced to her unique style than by listening to her latest single “Tricky!”
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