Carsn. Releases Two New Tracks: “General Gentleman” And “Rip Away”

Texas-based contemporary urban artist Carsn. releases two new tracks: “General Gentleman” and “Rip Away.” In anticipation of his upcoming EP, the young artist has given audiences a taste of his talent through his signature fusion of rap, pop, and even dance music. Fun, light yet always catchy, his two new tracks have raised significant momentum for the imminent release of his full collection of tracks. 

He explains: “The main inspiration for this one was about a recent breakup, and it’s about moving on from a bad situation and finding better things/people out there in the world. Hence, ‘Rip Away’ as in I was ripping away the bandage of the past and all the bad that came with it, and on the other side the sun shines brighter.” 

These two exceptional singles pave the way for Carsn.’s resounding success this year, as everybody awaits the EP that will bear the titled Mixed Emotions.