Emily Litta Bounces Back Stronger With Latest Single “Show Up”

Fast-rising artist, Emily Litta, opens up about her most recent track “Show Up.” The multicultural singer-songwriter explains that in this new song, she tried her best not to “filter or polish anything that I was thinking and I also felt it was my duty to be honest with everyone, especially in a world where everything is very curated and real feelings are often masked.”

Litta admits that when she first started off, writing lyrics wasn’t her major focus, “it was really one of the aspects of my songwriting that I wasn’t super proud of. I had to work and still have to work hard to try and convey through words what I’m feeling most of the time.” But later, and especially with “Show Up,” she made an effort to be as transparent as possible, reflecting her inner struggles and experiences.

She explains, “I wanted to say that life gets hard, we might feel heavy at times but it’s how we react and how we come out of it that really makes us fighters and stronger in the end.” Emily Litta shared “Show Up,” following the release of “Messy.” The inspiring single comes with a music video directed and shot by Alex Klover Guccione and Paul Guccione. Influenced by the ‘90s and the 2000s, the millennial brings back the pre-social media era, giving the viewers a taste of the old MTV music videos and shows.

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