KAIS Ponders Betrayal And Solitude In “Willow”

Exceptional and sophisticated as always, KAIS’ recent single “Willow” brings about the emotional solitude of a betrayed heart. Having received numerous awards in his music career, KAIS continues to uphold the standard of impeccable art with every new piece, and “Willow” certainly fits the description. “I’ll never forget how broken I felt that night,” KAIS shared. “Sitting in the dimmed light of my bedroom and letting those words drench out of my being felt incredibly real. I was writing about something so devastating to me, yet in that room, as pen came to paper, I felt a godlike warmth that sheltered my body, and summoned my words like a vacuum to air. It felt like alchemy.”

Kais Khoury, professionally known as KAIS, is a Jordanian/Canadian singer-songwriter and producer known for his unique interpretation of complex human emotions. Fusing elements of indie soul, neo psychedelic rock, and folk music, the multi-instrumentalist focuses on capturing the beauty of mankind in the midst of all the difficulties and struggles of life. At the moment, he’s running his own recording studio in Cyprus called Hot Soap Studios, releasing EPs and songs like “Willow,” “Hot Air Balloon,” “Her Majesty’s Window,” and “Healing.”