Lay B Pushes All Boundaries On Autobiographical Track ‘Rags 2 Riches’

While most rappers usually stick to a more trivial form of rap nowadays, it is great news to see that some, like Lay B, are representing the heritage left by some of the greatest the rap game has seen, and push all the boundaries of the genre to new places. The Global Status Inc signee is dropping his debut track, “Rags 2 Riches,” an autobiographical kind of rap in which he talks about his evolution as an artist, and the work behind years of meticulously polishing his skills to finally attain a place of satisfaction. He defies the rigid classification of modern Hip-Hop, clearly setting himself apart from most other urban artists, and leading the way for new forms of music and messages. Fully authentic and straightforward, “Rags 2 Riches” sees Lay B at his sharpest and most inspired, entering the game and introducing himself to the fans with a lyrical eloquence and introspective approach that you won’t find with anybody else!