Torae and Marco Polo Drop Video For “The Return”

unnamed-46-500x500 Torae and Marco Polo Drop Video For “The Return”

Torae & Marco Polo taks their fans back to a much simpler time of video games without microtransactions in every mode and when streaming platforms weren’t a thing with their video for “The Return.”

The opening verse reflects on Torae’s and Marco’s first project together in Double Barrel along with how Torae challenges emcees. In the video, Marco & Torae watch the news and see that Blockbuster is going out of business. Marco finds a video game from there and realizes they have to return it to Blockbuster. Torae suggests they play the game one last time before returning it. The visual has both of them as players in the 64-bit Miami Vice-inspired hue video game driving cars at midnight. 

“The Return” is one of the singles from their upcoming album, Midnight Run!

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