Lil Baby & Quality Control’s Pee Appear To Send Offset A Message Over Lawsuit Drama

Lil Baby and Quality Control CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas appear to have sent Offset a subliminal message amid the exiled Migos member’s lawsuit against QC over control of his solo career’s profits. 

Pee took to his Instagram Story on Thursday (August 25) having Lil Baby read off the message seen on a piece of artwork behind him. “The show must go on,” Baby repeated while Pee enjoyed a laugh.

Many fans connected the dots of the IG Story to Pee’s war of words with Offset, which spilled over publicly in a Twitter back-and-forth over the lawsuit earlier this week.

Offset accused QC of not honoring a deal he made in January 2021 regarding his solo music,  claiming he paid millions for the rights to his solo catalog. Now that he’s in album mode for his solo career, he said QC isn’t honoring the deal.

The Atlanta native’s deal for his solo ventures is directly tied to Motown Records and has no affiliation with Quality Control for anything outside of the Migos universe.

Once reports of the lawsuit went public on Wednesday (August 23), Pee responded on Twitter.

“The last lawsuit was filed publicly and dismissed quietly,” Pee wrote. “Let’s see how this one go. Been too real for all this lame shit. Everyone know the real problem.”

Offset replied saying he and Pee haven’t spoken in two years and feels as if QC isn’t honoring their deal after he paid them millions of dollars.

“N-ggas act like im the problem I paid millions to get my rights back Nigga you black balled me I ain’t said Shìt one time homie I ain’t spoke to you in 2 years now I drop and you want ya name on my credit,” he responded.

Cardi B entered the chat and defended her boo in an Instagram comment claiming Offset bought himself out of his deal with QC.

“Offset bought himself out his QC deal after they didn’t wanna renegotiate his contract. I’m tired of people trying to make Offset look like the bad guy… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,” she wrote.

Offset has continued to roll out his solo album with singles such as the Baby Keem-produced “54321” and “Code” featuring Moneybagg Yo.